1. Krill oil in NutriNZ Maxi OMEGA-3 Plus

    Krill oil in NutriNZ Maxi OMEGA-3 Plus is known for its high absorption rate of Omega-3s and its effects in treating cardiovascular diseases, stiffness in joints and muscular pain, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, dementia, depressions and as a prominent feature of most beauty products and anti-ageing antidotes.

  2. Red Krill Oil for Arthritis

    Dealing with the pain caused by Arthritis can be a great challenge and discomfort in daily life. Treatments are readily available and there are plenty of options to alleviate the arthritis symptoms. One of the products with the highest capability to relieve you of those arthritis pains is NutriNZ 100% Red Krill Oil.

  3. Weight Management with Abalone Marine Nutrients

    Abalone is a safe marine organism with amazing health benefits. Like many other marine organisms, abalone is abundant in a number of nutrients and bioactive substances that our body needs to function properly. What makes abalone a wonderful supplement is its versatility, it serves different purposes and promotes overall health. For example, you can also use it to keep your weight in a healthy range.

  4. Deer Antler Velvet and Arthritis

    For thousands of years, deer antler velvet has been used in traditional medicine of many cultures for treatment of different health conditions. Today, this ingredient has a special role in alternative medicine as it allows users to support their health naturally.

  5. Deer Antler Velvet and Cardiovascular Health

    Deer antler velvet has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a powerful therapeutic agent for treatment of many health conditions, including those affecting cardiovascular health.

    NutriNZ Deer Antler Velvet is sourced from premium grade New Zealand deer and produced via a unique centrifuge process. It is freeze dried at low temperatures to preserve vital bioactive elements making our Deer Antler Velvet an effective and highly regarded natural health remedy for so many people. In fact, it is power packed with 40 key compounds and more than 396 bioactive natural components such as various minerals and trace elements. 

  6. Deer Antler Velvet and Sexual Function

    Regular sexual intercourse plays a big part in a healthy and strong relationship. Our confidence is also typically linked to sexual prowess, which is why problems with performance affect both a relationship and a person’s self-esteem.

    Sexual dysfunctions of any kind are manageable even though it may seem all is lost and sex life as we know it is over. When it comes to improving your sexual performance options are endless, including the use of deer antler velvet.

  7. Abalone Marine Nutrients and Arthritis

    Abalone is a term used to refer to sea snails, scallops, octopuses, and squid from the Halitodiae family. The most distinguished part of abalone is its shell with a row of respiratory pores. Abalone is highly nutritious which is why they exhibit a number of health-related benefits. Supplementation with abalone is the easiest way to get the maximum out of health effects they provide and one of them is arthritis management.

  8. MIP Colostrum for Better Digestion & Bowel Function

    Recent studies suggest that the various components found in bovine colostrum may provide effective treatment options for various gastrointestinal conditions. MIP Colostrum is very similar to human colostrum but has the advantage of being more potent and being produced in large amounts compared to that of breastfeeding mothers. Mammals, including humans and cows produce milk to nourish their newborns early in life. Aside from essential nourishment to support growth and development, their milk, which they produce in the first few days of birth, provides special constituents that are rich in bioactive molecules, such as growth factors, immune factors like immunoglobulins and proline-rich polypeptides, and antimicrobial factors such as lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase.

  9. Manage Cholesterol levels with Maxi OMEGA-3 Plus

    NutriNZ Maxi OMEGA-3 Plus is a pure and undiluted source of red krill oil, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients that support our health.

    Some benefits of krill oil are well-known while others not as much. For instance, did you know that red krill oil can help you manage cholesterol levels?

  10. The Antioxidant Potential of Maxi OMEGA-3 Plus

    NutriNZ Maxi OMEGA-3 Plus contains the key ingrediant of red krill oil which is a natural powerhouse of highly bioactive omega-3s, triglycerides and antioxidants. Yes, this Pure and Undiluted natural supplement offers a whole range of benefits- but for now, lets focus on its antioxidant properties.


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