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The NutriNZ affiliate program connects consumers to, where they can purchase bioactive natural health supplements. These products were designed to provide increased immune support, energy, joint support, and improve gastrointestinal health, among other benefits.

This program can be easily marketed to health-conscious individuals interested in supplements to combat the effects of aging and optimize their physical functionality during athletic activity.

Affiliate Program Benefits

• Commissionable Superfoods – Earn commissions on sales made at
• Engaging Marketing Materials – Informative banners highlighting the positive effects of the products
• Longer Cookie Duration – You get credit for any sale up to 90 days from the first visit of your referral

The NutriNZ Benefit

Here at NurtriNZ we offer a range of highly bioactive natural health supplements, produced here in New Zealand and combined with rigorous testing and manufacturing standards to guarantee the quality, efficacy and safety of our entire product range.

New Zealand has two unique characteristics that have a fantastic impact on its natural resources such as vegetation, livestock and marine life.

Firstly, New Zealand’s location in the southern hemisphere has a perfect year-round climate. A lot of New Zealand's natural resources grow faster and healthier in New Zealand than anywhere else in the world!

Secondly, New Zealand is known for its seasonal hole in the ozone layer. This hole in the ozone layer migrates from the Antarctic pole every year to sit directly over New Zealand. As a result, New Zealand natural resources have some of the highest bioactivity levels in the world; not to mention the abundance of nutrients!

On top of this, New Zealand animals are raised and farmed under strict standards of animal health and welfare. In New Zealand the use of hormones and growth promoters as well as antibiotics is banned and it is also a Genetically Modified Organism (GMP) free country.

How Does It Work?

Simply create a new account via the link below or the “Signup” tab to the left and we will send you a confirmation email with your login details shortly after. Also, signing up is FREE! 

Once you have logged in, you will have a range of coded banners links which you can use and distribute however it suits you. For example, via an email newsletter, blog post or on your own website. Whenever your code is used to make a purchase via our website, you will receive commission for it! It is really that easy! We have set out the commission structure below.

Real Time Monitoring

The Affiliate Program dashboard keeps you on the loop of your account balance as well as track any transactions you generated at anytime.

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