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NutriNZ was founded as a result of the many success stories that MIP Colostrum generated, as well as Gabi and Bruno's drive to source other bioactive cutting-edge health supplements for their international customers. As a result, you will find a range of hand-picked and tested products that are pure, highly bioactive, natural and free from the pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and other nasty chemicals that are found in so many products nowadays.



  1. MIP Colostrum, 90 V-Capsules
    MIP Colostrum, 90 V-Capsules
    New Zealand MIP Colostrum is a natural, pure bovine colostrum and an incredible source of proteins, immunoglobulins, growth factors, nutrients and minerals. The enhanced biological activity helps you strengthen your immune system, fights viruses, bacteria and parasites, helps better your digestion, bowel function, tissue building and gives youRead More...
    NZD51.00 NZD45.50 As low as NZD34.00

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  • Boost Energy & Vitality
  • During heightened demand for energy such as during an infection or illness, the nutrients supplied by a normal diet fail to meet the growing demand. This deficiency is met by supplementation of nutrients by intake of vitamins, minerals, and energy-rich diet. Supplementing your diet using natural supplements is a healthy and effective way to attain energy and vitality both during health and sickness.

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We have sourced a powerful range of 100% pure and natural hand-picked products that help combat a wide range of health issues. Under BENEFITS, you will find how our products help to effectively prevent, treat and improve a large variety of health issues.
The purity and enhanced biological activity of NutriNZ products, ensured by the unique energizing process applied during production, means that you get a significantly better and faster result.
The team behind NutriNZ (MagMed NZ, Premium Dietary Supplements), has been in business since 2000, nearly two decades! Our products have been shipped to over 70 different countries resulting in thousands of satisfied loyal customers. When ordering from us you can be confident that you will be receiving a pure product of the highest quality.